Thursday, June 04, 2015

‘Banser must know proxy war’ ~ The Commander of Tangerang Military District Command 0506 Lt. Col. Irhamni Zainal said here on Monday that Banser should know about the proxy war, explaining that "it is the latest war in which one party uses a third party or other components to fight through such aspect as ideological, political, economic, social and so on."

According to him, following the development of technology, the characteristics of the war has shifted. War is no longer much done physically. One of the wars that is being and will continue to take place is a proxy war.

Indonesia has the potential of abundant natural resources. Indonesia lies on the equator and has a good climate to grow plants and crops all year round. Indonesia is also rich in oil wells, gas, and coal deposits.

"Indonesia is a source of energy, a source of food, and a source of clean water that will be the target of the national interests of foreign countries in the future," he said.

For that he called on the Banser individuals to understand the importance of raising awareness of the various movements and ideologies flourishing in the community.

"These groups often appear and are engeged in various forms of community organizations and carry certain missions that are capable of threatening the unity and sovereignty of the nation," he added.

While Khoirun Huda, Chairman of GP Ansor Tangerang said that the activity was conducted regularly in order to prepare NU young cadres to become such a fortified defensive structure for the ulema (Muslim scholars) and the nation.

Huda said that Pancasila as the philosophy and the ideology of the state was the heritage of the nation's founding fathers and must be protected from any possible threat posed by new ideologies.

"Today there have been many groups trying to undermine Pancasila and then attempt to replace it with different ideologies, Banser and Ansor as part of the nation have a duty to continue to defend it," he said.

On the same time, the chairman of GP Ansor Banten, H Ahmad Imron, said that maintaining the Homeland was the same as maintaining the teachings of Islam. (masdar)


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