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Ramadan in Tarim, The City of Thousand Wali ~

By: Imam Abdullah El-Rashied*

Just in Ramadan 1436 H / 2015, Alhamdulillah, I and most of my college friends both from Indonesia and Saudi got a chance to fill time off Class in Tarim city, town famous for the City of Thousand Wali. Not because of a city is born thousands Wali, even listed on Funeral Zanbal, Furait and Akdar have buried 10,000 bodies of the mayor and 80 Wali Qutub (Peak degrees wali / Leader The Guardian).

Not unlike the vast Tarim City area of ​​the sub-district in Indonesia. Although fairly small, the city is at least has about 367 mosques. Distance from mosque to mosque only a few hundred meters away there is even only 5 M are even attached to one another. So, if one day we pray in the mosque, then for one full year we are going to pray in Mosque different dish with different architecture.

Now, ahead of entering the Holy Month of Ramadan, residents often hold Tarim teaching to Tarheeb / welcome the arrival of the Great guest of Ramadan. When it entered the state in Tarim Ramadan in particular and Yemen in general turned 180 °, where a day into night and night into day. In which the activities of buying and selling and other transactions carried out at night usual until the rising of the dawn. Market and Miscellaneous Stores, Grocery Stores good, Clothing and board, books etc are all open at night, only a few can be encountered during the day, especially after Pray Fajr until midday because at this time is the time people resting (sleeping) not to mention we were the students from Indonesia who will be part of the Great Society Family Tarim city.

There are things that distinguish Tarim city with all the Islamic State in any hemisphere. The city with the highest number of mosques (if viewed from the Regional Area and population density as well as the building) do not like cities in terms of the implementation of the Tarawih Prayers. Typically, the implementation of the Tarawih prayers held simultaneously around at 19:30 p.m. or  20:00 p.m. local time, but the difference is with the City of Tarim in which the execution of a different mosque each Tarawih Prayers and extend from the entry Isha prayers time 'until half an hour before Fajr Prayers time entry.

Take for example, the Mosque Jamal Al-Lail, Sahl Mosque and Al-Birr Mosque for example, consistently held  Tarawih prayers from 21:00 p.m until 22:00 p.m. local time. Ba'alawy mosque began at 23.00 p.m. The next followed by the Al-Muhdhar on  00:30 o'clock. While Jami 'Tarim, which is the center of religious activities of local communities, a new start in 1:30 o'clock and ends at 02:30 o'clock.

Thus, one can do overnight to 100 cycles Tarawih prayers if he is willing and able, because the Prophet Muhammad himself never limit the number of cycles Tarawih numbers. Only since the time of Caliph Omar Bin Khattab until the time of the Imam Madzhab, Tarawih in congregation in the mosque do with numbers 20 cycles and this also takes place in the Grand Mosque of Companions period until now, whereas in Medina performed a total of 36 or 46 cycles plus 3 cycles Witr and here Madhazbnya Imam Malik. While Habib Hafiz Umar himself took 3 schedule Salat Tarawih or 60 cycles. And we, Faculty of Islamic Sciences College of Imam Shafie only take the schedule Tarawih in the Ba'Alawy mosque only.

Lent in Tarim city starting from 03:50 o'clock until 18:22 o'clock or about 14 hours and a half. While the weather in Tarim city as well as in Cities along the stretch of the Arabian Peninsula everything is in a very hot temperature, plus more in Ramadan this year because of the effects of war yesterday resulted in the supply of oil for the Electrical Sector decreased so that the impact on periodic power cuts every day both day and night.

For iftar own, usually we just eat cake Sambosa, Bahomri, Fries and other types of fried foods accompanied by a glass of 'Ashir (Juice). For dinner usually ahead of or after the Tarawih Prayer. And, for the city of Tarim itself no habit of fasting together held by large families in each village with different schedules in each village.

To study the Scientific, because the city is the Civilization City of Islam as it was named by UNESCO in 2010, then when entering the knowledge study Ramadan  every after Asr (Rauhah) held in almost every mosque in the city of Tarim. So also our students who were on vacation in these Tarim city and housed in one house a sheikh who taught in college we did off of scholarly study. From 1st to 20th of Ramadan every day we recite 3 to 4 subjects, not infrequently there is extra lessons after Tarawih prayers until the time Sahur. On the other hand every after Fajr Prayer until the time Ishraq (the rising of the Sun to as high as spearhead) we make Halaqah Tahzib, ie reading the Qur'an with a number of 5-7 people alternately, with one person not unlike the one page tadarus in Indonesia.

There are activities that also characterizes the city of Tarim, namely Khatam Qur'an (read through). As well as Tarawih Prayers, for Khatam Qur'an every mosque also has its own schedule. As Mushalla Ahlul Kisa 'in Darul Musthofa reguler make Khatam Quran held every night of the 17th of Ramadan. So also the place Khatam Qur'an is not less interested  Al-Segaf mosque namely on the 25th of Ramadan, the  Ba'Alawi Mosque on the 27th and Al-Muhdhar Mosque on the 29th of Ramadan. The event was attended not only by the inhabitants of Tarim alone, would but many are from out of town. Even among those willing to come a few hours earlier to be able to sit in the mosque. In addition to the mosque above, there are many more mosques are doing a similar event.

In addition, every night of Ramadan 17 most Habaib and Mashayikh in Tarim in Yemen in particular and in general used to read Qasidah Badariyah, a Qasidah which contains about events and praise of Experts Badr. This Qasidah read after the  Tarawih prayers and only lasted about half an hour. On the night of 17 Ramadan yesterday we read from  00:30 o'clock to 01:00 o'clock early days after the return of the  Ba'Alawy Mosque. So that I can say about Khazanah Ramadan in Tarim city that I know and I have experienced directly. Hopefully this Ramadan Charity Worship everything we are accepted by God Almighty, and hopefully we can increase our charity and devotion and awarded nights Laylat al Qadr, Aamiin Yaa Robbal 'alamiin.

*Imam Abdullah El-Rashied
Indonesian Student at the Faculty of Shariah, Imam Shafie College, Mokalla, Hadramout - Yemen.

Photo: Khatam Al-Quran in Al-Muhdhor Mosque, Tarim.


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