Thursday, November 17, 2016

Habib Omar advice about election of Donald Trump ~ Advice of Sayyidī الحبيب عمر بن حفيظ - Habib Omar

I received a message after Jumu'ah telling me to come to Habīb 'Umar's house. When I walked in I saw Habīb 'Umar and a group of students. They then served lunch and I was able to sit directly in front of Habīb, amongst other things I was able to ask him for advice for our brothers and sisters in the west, and students like myself studying abroad.

When I first mentioned the new president election and that he has been saying some really disturbing comments about Muslims and other minorities, Habīb started laughing, but this laugh was a laugh of complete disrepect. The first thing he said was, "don't worry". His body language was of someone with complete certainty that the Awliyā are on top of the situation (literally indescribable). He then said, "tell our brothers and sisters to keep doing what they're doing, tell them stick to the path they are on and he will not be a problem". (ameen)

Then Habīb looked up and said, "Allāh is the King of the mulk (sovereignty) not any president of any country."

What I've taken from this is to remain steadfast upon da'wah, remain steadfast on the recital of your adhkar, remain steadfast upon the Sunnah.

This is the advice of the scholars and it is highly stressed upon during these times.

Via Sidī Lavotte Saunders, via World of Sufi

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